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Disk Imaging

Aiken WorkBench integrates the capability of both creating and restoring Windows, Mac OS X and Linux disk images through a Local Area Network. GPT partitions are fully supported in UEFI machines.

The Image Maker component creates the images and keeps them in a centralized image library, where they can easily be retrieved by machine model, operating system installed and other descriptors. The images are completely disk independent. They can be restored to drives smaller or bigger than the original, and even to drives using different interfaces and technologies (SATA to SCSI, magnetic to solid-state, etc).

The same or different images can be restored simultaneously to many machines in a completely unattended mode, using one or multiple Image Servers. The Aiken WorkBench architecture allows extremely flexible setup options in order to optimize the network bandwidth and avoid bottlenecks due to the massive data transfers. A Windows 7 image is typically transferred to one machine in less than 2 minutes; to 30 machines in 20-23 minutes.

The image to be restored can be selected from the PC Auditor interface on every client, but it can also be selected on the server and pushed to all the connected PCs at once. The technicians can also decide if they want to both securely erase the drives first and restore the image immediately afterwards, so the full process is completed without further human intervention. While the drives are being erased or the images are being restored, the machines never get blocked and the technicians can still perform auditing or testing operations on the machines.

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