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Aiken Workbench includes testing tools to check the condition of the most important  components. All the tests can be performed by the technicians while an erasure or imaging operation is ongoing in the background.

Disk drives

The historic information stored on the drives by the SMART diagnosis firmware is retrieved and then analyzed to determine if the drive is in a healthy state.

Optical drives

Optical drives can be tested in a non-disruptive way, just by inserting a test CD that contains a specific pattern of files that the program will read automatically.


A voice file can be played to check the left and right channels of the sound components.

LAN and Wi-Fi connections

The Workbench software on the clients establishes a connection with the server and sends/receives several control packets using both network interfaces.

USB ports

All USB ports can be tested by inserting any USB device. The Workbench detects and displays the model of the device and compares the total number of detected devices with the expected number.

Notebook batteries

The Workbench informs both of the actual percentage of useful capacity and of the current charge level of the batteries. It also includes a battery duration test that discharges the batteries until they are exhausted and then saves the total time elapsed into the database.


The Workbench presents a keyboard layout on screen and provides a visual feedback of every key pressed and released.

LCD panels

The panels of laptops and monitors can be tested by showing the basic colors successively, so dead/lit pixels and other anomalies are easily spotted.

Touch Screen

The Workbench activates this test when it detects the presence of a Touchscreen, and allows the operator to test the touch input.


The PC Auditor will open a window and show the video captured by the webcam, so the technician can verify the quality of the video stream.


The Workbench detects when the user input is coming from the integrated touchpad on laptops, which allows to verify the cursor movement and the press of buttons.


The clients can be started in a special mode to run a comprehensive memory test.

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