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Who we are

The history of Aiken stretches back to 1993, when we started as a services and software development firm in Barcelona. In 1999 we entered the ITAD business as the exclusive partner of HP Financial Services in Spain. In 2003 we founded OfertasPC, one of the longest lasting chains of brick-and-mortar stores in Europe and still a remarkably successful business. Along the years we have been both wholesalers and retailers; we have dealt in computers but also in servers and parts; we have audited and refurbished equipment for our own sales and also for some of the largest leasing companies operating in our country; we have run our own refurbishing facility and we have outsourced the work to third parties. It is not an overstatement to say that we have a 360º vision of ITAD.

“We named our company after Howard Aiken, the man behind the Mark I, which is considered the first electromechanical computer in history”

“First warehouse redesigned to work with Aiken Workbench. Efficient software makes tidiness possible.”

Our mission

In 2012 we were still using a number of unrelated software tools in our refurbishing operations. Capitalizing on our previous experience as software developers, we started the development of a product for internal use. Even at an early stage it allowed us to multiply the number of assets that we were able to process with the same workforce, and we understood that we had a winner proposition for our peers worldwide.

Launching Aiken Workbench in 2014 was the first step to become the software provider of choice for the ITAD community. We have worked steadily to improve and expand our solutions, while providing an unparalleled level of support to our customer base. In a world of shining startups, we still believe that the secret of long-term success relies on knowledge and experience transformed into solid products by the quiet work of talented people.



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